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New Mystery Thriller By Tony Blackman featuring Peter Talbert, aviation insurance expert.


Java Waters Run Deep 






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Java Waters Run Deep is a story set a few years ahead, about an airliner flying from Singapore to Adelaide suddenly disappearing from the air traffic controller's screen 250 miles off the West Australian coast after being in radio contact. The aircraft had the latest twin crash recorders so that the position of the underwater  wreckage was known immediately. At first the Australian accident investigators thought the crash was due to a bomb in the baggage hold and then later from a bomb on the flight deck.

The ISIS army in the Middle East claimed that they had planted the bomb. However the front part of the fuselage could not be found to confirm that there had been bombs on board the aircraft. Canberra based Peter Talbert, drawn into the investigation through Mary, a very attractive member of the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch, is not happy with the ISIS bomb theory. He discovered that  the Royal Australian Air Force had an exercise going on at the time of the accident so that JORN, the Australian over-the-horizon radar, was covering the accident area but, strangely, the Australians were very reluctant to pass the information they had on to their accident investigators.

Peter slowly works out what must have happened and flew back to London several times to  sort out the situation.  He gets involved with the Australian Defence Minister and a deal is agreed. Peter arranges the subsequent financial settlement but when everything is settled Mary, now working in the United States for the NTSB, discovers that there was more to the accident than had been realised.

This is the seventh book in a series featuring Peter Talbert, insurance investigator. The other titles are Blind Landing, The Final Flight, The Right Choice, Flight to St Anthony,  Now You See it and Dire Strait. They will appeal to anyone who likes a mystery story as well as to the aviation enthusiast;  followers of Peter Talbert will feel very much at home! People who have read one book have great difficulty not going on to read the rest.

The book is right up to date dealing with current issues of locating crashed aircraft under water, multi satellite internet/phone systems with coded transmissions, over the horizon radars, ISIS and Government terrorism and unmanned aircraft. At the same time the book even re-organises the UK accident investigation facilities to bring them in line with USA and Australian safety organisations.

Fictional crashed aircraft was located immediately because it had twin Crash Recorders. MH370 and current aircraft only have one which is submerged with the fuselage which why they are hard to find. Boris Nemtsov's recent sad death is also very relevant.





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