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The V Force consisted of three four-jet  bombers, the Valiant, the Vulcan and the Victor, all required as part of the nuclear  deterrent in the Cold War following the end of the Second World War. The Valiant was less aerodynamically advanced than the other two and went into service  in 1955. The Vulcan entered  service  in 1956 and the Victor a year later. The Valiant finished operating in 1965 and the Vulcan in 1984. The later Victors were converted into refuelling tankers  and carried on until 1993.


V Force Boys contains a fascinating collection of previously unpublished stories  by V Force ground and aircrew for all three V bombers  plus descriptions of how all the aircraft navigated before  the days of GPS and the training the crews received. Among other highlights, the book includes a first-hand account of dropping the last UK H Bomb and an armourer's account of how the nuclear  weapons were moved  with complete safety but not in the regimented way that might be expected. In addition there are chapters which  tell of incidents (including friendly  fire in the Falklands)  that would not be found in the RAF historical annals but show how the vigilant guarding of the UK had its threatening but also lighter  moments. A must for all Valiant, Vulcan and Victor enthusiasts.


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ISBN : 978-1-910690-38-3